Export Your Resume & Cover Letter

Last Updated: April 5, 2024

Looking to export your resume & cover letter from the Resume Builder? Here’s how!

You can either write your Cover Letter manually or leverage our AI tools!

Using AI to help generate your Cover Letter? As a free Teal user, you have one Cover Letter Generation. Upgrade to Teal+ for unlimited generations!

Seeing an error when trying to export your Cover Letter? Be sure that your Cover Letter is not blank in the Cover Letter Generator of your resume! If there is no Cover Letter content, you will see an error when attempting to export.

First, head to the Resume Builder

Open up the resume you're looking to export, you should see an "Export PDF" button next to "Menu"

At this time, PDF is the only option for export! We'd like to expand Teal with the function to export to .doc files in the future - know it's on our minds and we're hoping to build this ability as we move forward. 😊

With the dropdown open, you'll see the following three options: resume, cover letter, resume and cover letter

The export of the Cover Letter will follow the same design choices selected for your resume in Design Mode. Want to learn more about the Design Options? Check out our support article HERE!

Where should I go from here?

Check out our Career Hub for more in-depth resources related to resume-building, pivoting careers, interviewing and more!

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