Making Changes Across Resumes

Last Updated: October 5, 2023

Looking to make changes that apply to all of the current resumes you have created? Check out the below resources to see how our resume syncing functions!

Are you a visual learner? Check out our Resume Syncing details in this video HERE!

How does it work?

When you’re working on a resume, you’ll have the option to make these changes across all of your current resumes.

When you edit information in your resume, you’ll see the below option.

Important Note!

This option to “save to all resumes” only appears when editing already-existing information.

When you add entirely new details (such as a new work experience or degree) this will be added to all resumes automatically. You can, of course, decide not to show it on a given resume by de-selecting the checkbox, as seen below. If checked, it will appear!

Let’s say you decide not to update across all resumes.

You made changes to Resume A, but you’re not interested in saving to Resume B so you leave that checkbox alone.

When you open Resume B, you’ll still see that changes have been made elsewhere, and you’ll be presented with the option to update (should you change your mind and want to apply these changes, afterall).

The “Update Available” flag is clickable and will allow you to see the new changes and decide whether you’d like to apply them or leave them off this particular document.

We’re hopeful this will create a more seamless, intuitive experience overall!

Where should I go from here?

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