Sorting Your Resume Details Manually or Chronologically

Last Updated: November 7, 2023

After inputting your experiences into the Resume Builder, you may have realized that they aren't arranged in the desired order. Whether you prefer a chronological sequence or have another preference, let's explore how to make those changes!

First, Navigate to your Resume in the Resume Builder

Work Experience Sorting

Important Note: Your experiences will automatically be sorted in reverse chronological order (pulling your most recent experience up top) - if you'd like to manually reorder your experiences, you'll want to turn off the "Sort by Date" function

You have the flexibility to drag and drop complete company details, individual positions, or specific achievements.

Important Note!

When in "edit" mode (i.e., making changes to an achievement or position title) makes reordering impossible. You'll want to be sure you exit editing mode when attempting to reorder.

Important Note!

At this time, you cannot move positions between companies or achievements between positions!

Skills Sorting

You also have the flexibility to drag and drop your skills based on preference or alphabetically.

Sorting is also available in all other sections of the Resume Builder! Each function the same as shown above (A-Z sorting is only available in the Skills Section).

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