How Do I Add Multiple Roles to One Company?

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

You, like many others, may have worked multiple roles at a single company - perhaps you were promoted, or moved cross-functionally to a different department or area. In the Teal Resume Builder, you can add multiple positions to a singular company.

Have a boomerang experience? Meaning you left a company and returned at a later date. Find more details about boomerang experiences, and how to support them in Teal, here!

First, head to your Resume Builder

Click on the resume you're looking to edit or select "+ New Resume"

Scroll to your Work Experience

You've either already added the company that holds these positions or you need to add the company. To add the company, click "Add Work Experience"

If you've already added the company and want to add a new position, click "Add Work Experience" - select the company in the drop down as you type, and add those new position details.

"My dates aren't showing for each position, instead, only for entire tenure of the company"

If you'd like to show those position dates per position, instead of as the full tenure of the company, head to your "Formatting Mode" and find the "Work Experience Date Ranges" setting.

Instead of "By Company" change that setting to "By Position"

What about boomerang experiences?

A boomerang experience means you may have worked for a company, left for a period of time, and returned. You may be trying to showcase these experiences in the following:

  • Company A
    • Position Held
  • Company B
    • Position Held
  • Company A
    • Position Held

In our current resume builder, it's not yet possible to separate your experiences in this way. Right now, you may notice that all positions you held at one company are grouped together.

Here's a quick workaround that may be helpful in the interim!

P.S., we're making some changes to our Design Mode that should support this structure in the near future! 🥳

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