Adding Work Experience

To add or edit your professional experience manually, read below!

Last Updated: November 7, 2023

First, head to your Resume Builder

You will want to select the resume that you would like to edit or press '+ New Resume' to get to the builder.

Scroll down to the 'Work Experience' section and select 'Add Work Experience'

You will then be prompted to add the Company name, Company Description, Position Title, Dates of Employment, etc.

After you have filled everything out that you wish to add, select 'Save'.

Editing Experience

Should you need to make any edits to your position/experience, you will click the pencil icon to go back to editing mode

Note: This is the same process to edit if you've also parsed your resume.

Add Achievements

Once you save your work experience, you can then add achievements that you want to highlight.

It’s best to provide the most updated, most relevant information in your Work Experience section to ensure that your achievements will be crafted in the most impactful way.

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