Adding Skills & Reordering Skills

Highlighting your skills in your resume is vital to showcase your expertise. Check below for tips on how to do it effectively!

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Adding Skills

Sorting Skills

To get started, first to head to the resume builder and select the resume you'd like to edit. Then you'd scroll down to the 'skills' section.

Adding Skills

Select 'Add Skills' under the skills section

After clicking the "add skills" button, you'll find a space to input the skills you want to include. You can enter them individually or use a comma for multiple entries.

After entering the desired skills, click "save." The skills will then be visible in the skills section and will automatically be included in your resume.

Sorting Skills

Once you have added all the skills—it is now time to sort them if you are not wanting them to be done 'A-Z')

Please note that they are automatically sorted A-Z (alphabetically).

If you'd like to manually organize them in your own order, please toggle the 'Sort A-Z' off. From there, you are able to drag and drop them.

If you are more of a visual learner, please check out our Youtube for all our tutorials.

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