Leveraging the Achievement Assistant

Last Updated: November 16, 2023

With our AI Generation for Achievements, generation has become easier than ever!

But, you may prefer to build an achievement yourself - perhaps, you're trying to determine the best action verbs or structure, which metrics to use, etc. Our Achievement Assistant is here to help!

First, open up a resume in your Resume Builder!

Next, scroll to your Work Experience and click "Add an Achievement"

You can also edit an already-existing achievement to access the Achievement Assistant!

Once your editor is open, take a look at the right-hand side of the screen -

You'll now see a variety of guidance

From here, click the "Assistant" tab

Each section of the tool has associated drop-downs to help you select action verbs, metrics, and more!

As you select each option and build out your achievement, you'll notice it build in "The Result" section of the tool:

Click "save" and this achievement will be added to your resume in the experience you've selected when getting started!

You can always edit the achievement again by hovering over the text and selecting "edit achievement"

Watch our YouTube Tutorials!

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