Can I Have Multiple Resumes That Aren't Connected?

Last Updated: December 14, 2023

Okay, so - you've imported your work history!'re thinking about a different version you have - maybe targeted to a different industry - that you also want to import so you can build separate resumes.

You try to import this new work history via Teal and you're met with an "Append" or "Overwrite" option. So, you overwrite. But, now all of your previous resumes are gone. Why? Can I not have multiple work histories to choose from?

Let's dive in!

Resume Syncing

At Teal, we leverage Resume Syncing.

Resume Syncing allows you to manage multiple resumes that depend on the same work history.

For example, you import your work history either by LinkedIn or an existing resume, and you start making changes and building out customizations depending on the role you're applying to.

Then, you head back to your Resume Builder and click "+ New Resume" and you're met with that same Work History so that you can make different edits to it dependent on the new job you're applying to.

And, when you make edits to your resume, you're met with an option to save these changes to all resumes (and when you delete something entirely, you're met with an option to delete from all resumes).

You can find more information about how saving across all resumes appears in your Resume Builder here!

The goal?

Often, you create multiple versions of a resume dependent on the job you're applying to. For example, if you're applying to a more senior-level role, you may include certain experiences and take off others.

Or, maybe you remember an experience/achievement you want to highlight, but you only have it on one resume so far.

Instead of having tons of documents on your computer that you have to manually update with each new detail you add to your work history, Resume Syncing allows you to make these changes across all resumes and then easily select/de-select with checkboxes which information you're looking to leverage.

But, how do I import different work history and use them both?

At Teal, it's not encouraged to import two entirely separate work histories.

It's not impossible. You could import an entirely separate work history by selecting "append" when you Reimport Your Resume Data but this would simply add anything missing from your new import to your existing import, creating a long list of experiences that aren't separated by import - and, it won't separate your resumes by which work history you imported.

This is why we recommend importing your entire work history in on document (such as a CV!), with all of your experiences, and leveraging those checkboxes to select what you'd like to include! This way, all information is available to you, and you can easily customize your resume per job. 😊

Still unsure about how Teal's Resume Syncing works? Check out the below video!

Maybe this isn't super intuitive - but, the hope is that your job search is as focused as possible through Teal!

If you're feeling stuck or have additional questions,

Send us a note at so that we can better serve your unique case. We're always looking for opportunities to improve and how to better help you in your search.

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