Why Aren't Dates Appearing On My Resume?

Last Updated: December 18, 2023

You're editing your work experience and you're noticing that though you have dates associated with each position, and the associated checkbox is selected, they're not appearing on your resume.

Why, and how do you make those dates appear?

There are three options for displaying dates from your work experience on your resume:

  • By Company: If you've held multiple roles at a singular company, this setting will display the entire tenure of your time there.
  • By Position: This displays the date-range of the time you held each specific position
  • Both: You can choose to display both the tenure of your time at that company AND the date-range for each position

To adjust this setting, head to Design Mode

From here, you'll see the setting labeled "Show Dates By"

This is where you can select how to display those dates! Here are a few examples of the differences -

By Company:

By Position:


Remember! Dates need to be selected as "active" in order to appear at all - "active" refers to the checkbox associated.

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