My LinkedIn Import Isn't Showing The Most Recent Updates

Last Updated: January 8, 2024

It sounds like you've recently imported your LinkedIn Profile but it's not showing the most recent changes/updates you made to the page.

Before we get started it's important to know: this is sadly not a Teal-related issue, and is related to LinkedIn's cacheing of your profile URL.

Below, we have offered a workaround by exporting your LinkedIn profile as a PDF and importing it into Teal.

It's equally important to note that the PDF LinkedIn provides is quite "graphics" heavy, and the parse may not be perfect.

We recommend, to save you time, copy/pasting any new changes from LinkedIn to your Teal Resume Builder. And, moving forward, making updates in Teal directly.

Every so often, the profile you're attempting to import into Teal may have been cached by LinkedIn. This means that any new changes are not reflected in the URL used for import, and instead, it may require we import a PDF of your profile instead.

This is quite easy!

Head to your LinkedIn Profile

Once on your LinkedIn Profile, select "more" under the header of your profile and click "save to PDF," as shown below.

This will allow you to export the PDF of your LinkedIn Profile, with any new updates/changes you've recently made, and import it to Teal.

If you're importing for the first time, you can follow our steps outlined here: Import Existing Resume (Or LinkedIn)

If you're reimporting this data to overwrite what currently exists, you can follow our steps outlined here: Reimport Your Resume Data - as a reminder, by selecting "overwrite" you are clearing your account of all current resumes and work history to replace with your new data.

As always, if you run into any roadblocks, we're here to help! Simply click the question mark (?) in the bottom right corner of this page to submit an email to our team. Or, reach out by emailing

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