Using Analysis Mode

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Analysis Mode surfaces "issues" related to foundational resume structure and content.

The provided "issues" are related to areas in your resume that can be made more impactful, consolidated, or concise.

Read below for what you can expect in Analysis Mode and how to appropriately resolve each issue!

Associated Scores

In the Resume Builder, you'll notice you have a Resume Score and a Match Score. Match Score is associated with Matching Mode. More on that can be found here!

The resume score is listed as "score," in your Resume Builder and is associated with Analysis Mode.

Access Analysis Mode

To access Analysis Mode, open a resume of your choice.

In the top tool bar, you'll notice Analysis - typically associated with a number flag of how many issues you have yet to solve if you've not previously fixed them.

When you click into Analysis Mode, you'll be presented with "issue" cards.

Important note: If you're on a free plan, you'll see the top basic issues. Teal+ members will see advanced analysis issues.

Issues range from:

  • Including Time-Based Metrics if they're missing
  • Including Improvement Metrics if they're missing
  • Including any other important details if missing such as:
    • Contact information
    • Professional summary
    • Target Title
  • Additionally, issue cards may prompt you to shorten or add to the content on your resume. For example:
    • Remove skills if too many
    • Length of achievements (and how many achievements currently active)
    • Incorporating skills into your achievements

You will find more details for what's required by clicking on each card:

Let's dive into some of our most common suggestions:

Time-Based Statement Missing

  • Time-Based Statements are those that describe an impact within a period of time.
    • For example: "Increased profits 50% in 5 (five) weeks" or "Increased retention in 2023 by…"
    • Time-Based Statements use an "In" or "Within" format, related to a time period.
    • Important note: to satisfy this requirement, you'll want to include two achievements that have time-based statements and they must follow the format provided.

Improvement Metrics Missing

  • Improvement Metrics are those that describe impact by using metrics
    • For example: "Increased profits by 25-26%" or "Increased profits by $250"
    • Improvement Metrics use number percentages, ranges, or monetary amounts
    • Important note: to satisfy this requirement, you only need one achievement to include an improvement-metric and it must follow the format provided.

Number of Skills in "Position"

  • This issue card is meant to flag how many keywords (skills) are being used within a specific work experience
    • The skills referenced are keywords associated with the job you've matched to in Matching Mode
    • The goal is to include some of these skills within each of your work experiences
    • This issue card will tell you exactly which position or experience that is missing skills/keywords

Number of Achievements in "Position"

  • Issue cards related to "number of achievements" are meant to provide guidance for how many achievements we'd recommend based on the relevancy of an experience.
    • Important note: often, these cards will provide ranges such as "3-5 active achievements" - this is a recommendation to have no less than 3 achievements and no more than 5.
      • Active is referencing the checkbox associated with the achievement. If the checkbox is selected, then the achievement/experience is active.

If you find that you're still not satisfying the issue cards, even though you're following the outlined instructions, reach out to us at!

These recommendations are meant to be just that - recommendations! If something doesn't sit right with you, then we recommend trusting your gut and sharing with us why that is. We're always looking for opportunities to improve and your feedback is instrumental in doing so!

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