Getting Started: Company Tracker

You may be wondering, what is the Company Tracker used for? And, how can you use it for your job search? Let's dig in!

Think of the Company Tracker like your own personal project management tool.

You can use the Company Tracker to help keep track of companies you have interest in, you've applied to previously, or perhaps you'd like to explore in the future.

In some cases, maybe even taking note of things you do not like about the opportunities at said company.

You can either bookmark a company by clicking the "Add a Company" button and filling out the appropriate form:

Or, you can bookmark company details by leveraging the Teal Chrome Extension!

Here's an example on LinkedIn:

  • Navigate to a Company Page
  • Select the "About" tab
  • You'll see details populate in the extension to easily save to your tracker!

Once you've bookmarked a company, you can click into it within your tracker, adjust details such as company website or other missing information, and use the notes app to keep track of your thoughts, activity, or opinions about the organization:

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