Getting Started: Contact Tracker

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

The Contact Tracker is a great place to keep track of the networking you're conducting either during your job search, prior to, or after!

Let's look at how it may be useful to you.

Similar to the Company Tracker, the Contact Tracker is a tool to help you organize.

You can use the Contact Tracker to organize contacts you've already connected with, hope to connect with, and other details related to your networking experiences.

You can either bookmark contacts manually by clicking the "Add a New Contact" button and fill out the corresponding form:

Or, you can bookmark contacts by using the Teal Chrome Extension!

Here's an example on LinkedIn:

  • Navigate to a connection's profile (or someone you're hoping to connect with)
  • Open the extension
  • Here, you can fill out fields such as relationship, goal for connecting, status, and a follow-up date
  • Click "save contact" to add to your Contact Tracker

Once you've bookmarked a contact, click into it within your tracker and you'll see the ability to:

  • Associate the contact with any jobs in your Job Tracker that are active
  • Write notes about your activity with the contact
  • Update goals related to the contact such as: following up, scheduling a meeting, etc.
  • View their work experience

We recommend leveraging this tracker as you're working to build your network, remember important details about your connections, and keep track of which contacts can be associated with jobs you're currently applying to.

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