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Last Updated: January 23, 2024

The Job Search Pipeline Widget on your homepage is intended to help you keep track of your all-time Job Tracker activity in Teal! How many jobs have you bookmarked? Applied to? Interviewed for? Let's dig into how this works!

Tracking All-Time Activity

When you're looking at the Job Search Pipeline, you're seeing your all-time activity. Meaning, from the very beginning of your account with Teal all the way to present, the Job Search Pipeline tracks the activity from your Job Tracker.

Each time you place a job into one of the following stages, you'll see it reflect in the Job Search Pipeline:

  • Bookmarked
  • Applied
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating

Important Note:

The Job Search Pipeline immediately reflects the change in stage. Even if you've just placed a job into that stage to test it out, you'll see that number reflect on the Job Search Pipeline Widget.

At this time, there is no option to reset the job search pipeline. Though, we are exploring future options for this!

"Skipped" Stages are Counted

Let's say you just moved a job from Applied to Negotiating, but then when you visit your home page, you notice that both your negotiating AND interviewing stages are reflecting an increase in the Job Search Pipeline.

This is expected.

When tracking in the Job Search Pipeline, we make the assumption that should you be negotiating for a position, you likely interviewed. Or, should you be interviewing for a position, you likely applied!

We try to remove the need for you to manually update each stage's numbers and instead presume you're hoping to see that full flow tracked.


1) A job is in the Applied Stage. You have not yet moved it to Negotiating.

2) You moved the job from Applied to Negotiating. You'll see Interviewing has also been impacted.

Why is using the Job Search Pipeline Widget Helpful?

We recommend keeping an eye on the Job Search Pipeline Widget for the following reasons:

  • It provides a high-level view of all of your activity throughout your time leveraging Teal
  • The widget allows you to easily identify which stages you've spent the most time in between Bookmarked all the way to Negotiating an offer
  • You can quickly associate numbers with your job search journey

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