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Last Updated: March 4th, 2024

You've learned about the Presentation & Sections Tabs in Design Mode, now let's move onto some more nuanced settings.

In this article, we'll cover the Settings & Advanced Tabs. Here, you'll determine how to display dates (by company or by position?), font size, and much more.

You can see each selection in the preview of your resume.

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The "Settings" Tab

Work Experience Settings

Show Locations By:

Choose to show locations by company or by position (or hide them altogether!)

Show Work Experience By:

Choose to show Work Experience by Company or Position. This will place an emphasis on either the company or the position title.

Show Dates By:

Here, you can choose whether you'd like to show the overall tenure you spent at a company, or the period of time spent in each individual position. You can also select to show both!

Education Settings

In the Education Settings you can choose to show your educational experiences by placing an emphasis on the institution or on the degree

The "Advanced" Tab

Options in the Advanced Tab are only available to Teal+ users.

Users with a free account have access to the Presentation, Sections, and Settings tabs.

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Advanced Styles

Here, you can select which symbols you'd like to use for your list items and separators for your headings.

Example Selection:

Vertical Spacing

In the Vertical Spacing section, you can adjust spacing between sections, headers and content, and more.

You can also type in your own values, but we will overwrite the value with the minimum/maximum available.


Here you can adjust borders above/below your header of the page and the border underneath section titles.

Example of Above/Below Header Adjustment

Example of Section Title Borders

Why use the Settings & Advanced tabs?

The Settings Tab can help you determine the organization for the details on your resume. If you're working fully remote, maybe you'll find that "locations" aren't relevant, and decide to remove them. Or, if you want to place emphasis on your position titles versus company names, you can do that here, as well!

The Advanced Tab can help you determine the spacing on the page. You can increase your headers, minimize your sub-headers, and so much more. Advanced allows you to align more closely with page-length goals.

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