Bookmarking a Job

Last Updated: January 8, 2024

In this article, we’ll cover how to manually bookmark a job (without using the Teal Google Chrome Extension). If you would like to learn how to bookmark jobs with the Teal extension, check out this article HERE.

Navigate to Your Desired Position Posting

When bookmarking a job manually, you don’t need to be concerned with whether the job board is supported by Teal’s Chrome extension - but, here’s a list of our supported job boards just in case you’d like to explore bookmarking with our Chrome Extension down the road!

The details you’ll want to collect from the position posting you’d like to bookmark are the following:

  • Job Title
  • URL from Original Posting
  • Company Name
  • Location
  • Job Description

Please note, adding the URL only will not autofill the Job Description. The Job Description must be manually copy/pasted into the form from the job posting. Otherwise, it will not work for Matching Mode or other AI Generation tools in the platform.

Open up your Job Tracker

In your Job Tracker, hit the “Add a New Job” button

Fill out the details

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are several values you’ll want to grab from the job posting and include in your bookmarking. The form (shown below) will appear for you to fill in.

Done! View your Bookmarked Job

Easy as that! You’ll then see your bookmarked job in your Job Tracker! From here, you can use the job to match to a resume, leverage the AI cover letter generator, and track your progress from start (applying) to finish (accepted!).

Where should I go from here?

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