Exploring the Dashboard

Last Updated: October 6, 2023

In the Job Tracker, there are several tools and customization options to navigate. In this guide, we’ll cover:

Editing the dashboard

Sorting by column

Grouping by status

Changing the status

Adding a new job manually

Menu options

Editing the Dashboard

Click here to view your Job Tracker and follow along!

The grid is meant to provide an easy-to-access and accessible overview of each position you bookmark.

From here, you can also make changes to the max salary, location, status, date saved, date applied, follow-up date, and excitement simply by clicking into each field.

Sorting by Column

In the Job Tracker, you can also choose to sort the grid by column. For example, pulling all of your most recently saved jobs to the top, or, sorting by status, etc.

Group By Status

You can group your positions in this view by status or not at all! Grouping by status will display your bookmarked roles grouped by the stage they’re currently in, as you can see below:

Easily Change the Status of the Bookmarked Position

By clicking into the “status” dropdown, you can select where you are in your process with each specific position.

Additionally, you can easily access each stage by clicking on the top funnel!

💡 After you’ve clicked a stage in the funnel, you’ll notice you’re only seeing positions in that stage. To view the larger list once again, click on the stage you’re in to turn “off” the view - check out the overview below!

Add a New Job

From the grid view of the Job Tracker, you can add a new job by clicking the “Add a New Job” button

This will allow you to manually enter job details!

Important note: by adding in the URL for Original Posting, Teal will not autofill the remaining data. It’s your responsibility to add in those details! If you’re looking to match this job to a resume, or generate a cover letter, you’ll want to be sure you include the Job Description.

Menu Options

There are several helpful tools/functions within our Menu dropdown including “quick tour,” “archived jobs,” “export report,” “download data”

Quick Tour:

Looking for a Job Tracker overview? Take a look at the “Quick Tour”

Archived Jobs:

Any jobs you mark as archived, rejected, or declined will appear in this view.

Export Report:

Looking to export all of your activity in the Job Tracker? You can do so by exporting the report!

Download Data:

Want to have your hands on a quick overview of the positions in your active Job Tracker? Check out this function.

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