Changing & Canceling Your Teal+ Subscription

Last Updated: October 6, 2023

Looking to cancel your Teal+ Subscription? Or change your subscription type? You’re in the right place!

Head over to your Account Page

Follow the hyperlink above or, in Teal, click your initial in the bottom left-hand corner:

Once there, click on the “Teal+ Subscription” Tab

If you’d like to cancel entirely, click “Cancel Subscription”

Important Note: "Cancel Subscription" will only appear if you are on a recurring Teal+ subscription. If your subscription is non-recurring, you will see the end date of your subscription.

As mentioned above, if you're on a non-recurring plan, your end date will appear associated with your "current plan" -

If you’d like to change your current subscription (i.e., from a weekly to monthly) click “Update”

If you are looking to learn about our Cancellation Policy, head here.

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