Import Existing Resume (or LinkedIn!)

Last Updated: November 3, 2023

Our Resume Builder allows you to import your resume details from your LinkedIn Profile or an existing Resume (.doc or .pdf).

First, head to the Resume Builder!

Upon first joining Teal, when you click into your Resume Builder, you may notice a blank template opens up for you!

To import an existing resume, you'll want to navigate to the "Menu" option in the top-right corner -

Select "Import Resume or LinkedIn" and you'll be prompted with the below pop-up!

Here, you'll have the option to

  • Import your LinkedIn profile via your LinkedIn Profile URL,
  • Drag/Drop or click to select a resume file to upload, or
  • Add information manually.

You may be wondering, can't I do all three? Check out our article on reimporting resume data if you'd like to add content from more than one document!

Where should I go from here?

We recommend checking out this article next: Add/Edit Resume Content

More of a visual learner? Watch our YouTube Tutorials

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