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Last Updated: October 5, 2023

Our Resume Builder has lots of unique features that you can explore and experiment with.

In this Help Article we’ll cover how to add/edit the following:

Your Resume Title

Your Contact Information

Target Title

Professional Summary

Work Experience - Companies & Positions

Work Experience - Achievements

Education History

Certifications, Projects, Awards & Scholarships, Volunteer & Leadership, Publications

Skills & Interests

First, Add a New Resume

First, you’ll want to add or open an already-existing resume in your Resume Builder! For more information on how to import or add a new resume to Teal, check out this support article HERE.

Change Your Resume Title

To change your resume title, you’ll simply open the resume, click into the title itself and make the changes directly in that field.

Editing Your Contact Information

Similar to your resume title, you can edit your contact information by scrolling to your "contact information" section and clicking "edit" -

Don’t forget about our “guidance” that can help you get started in each section of the resume build!

Add a Target Title

A target title can help recruiters identify which role you’re applying for.

To add a target title, find your "target title" section underneath "contact information" and click "add target title"

Anytime you’re looking to edit existing text, hover over the text you’d like to edit and click the pencil icon!

Add a Professional Summary

A Professional Summary is meant to consolidate some of your key achievements and goals into a simple statement for employers to review quickly and easily.

To add a Professional Summary, scroll to your Professional Summary header and click "Add Professional Summary"

Add New Work Experience - Companies & Positions

To add new work experience, click the "Add Work Experience" button at the top of the Work Experience section

This will open a form to allow you to fill in the appropriate details of your work experience - required fields, such as position title, will be marked with a red asterisk, as you can see below

Add New Work Experience - Achievements

Once you’ve added a new company and position to your resume, you can then begin adding in achievements! On each position added, you’ll see the below option: "add a new achievement"

Add Education History

Scroll down to the education section, below "work experience," and click "Add Education" or, if you’ve imported an existing resume, you can edit the text in the education section by once again hovering and selecting the pencil icon

Certifications, Projects, Awards & Scholarships, Volunteer & Leadership, Publications

Our remaining sections (Certifications, Projects, Awards & Scholarships, Volunteer & Leadership, Publications) can also be added to manually by following the same steps above!

Skills & Interests

Our skills & interests sections provide you the opportunity to place your skills into individually-selected categories. For example, looking for a languages section? It can be built from your Skills!

P.S. If you'd like a more in-depth overview of Skills & Categories, check out the following articles:

Skills/Interests can also be dragged/dropped into categories as you move along -

Need to change the title of a category? Select "Edit Category" or "Delete Category" - note, making these changes (editing & deleting the categories) will apply to all resumes!

TIP: The checkboxes associated with your skills/interests will determine if they're shown on the resume or not - simply uncheck any skill you don't wish you appear on the resume.

When you go to delete a skill, you'll be prompted with the below message:

We recommend leveraging the checkboxes versus deleting the skill entirely.

Where should I go from here?

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