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Last Updated: November 21, 2023

It can be a challenge to create, edit, and write an achievement to appropriately showcase your experiences. In this article, we'll share how to leverage our AI Generation for achievements!

This tool can be used to either create new achievements based on your resume (and job description if you've Matched a Job) OR used to edit already-existing achievements.

On a free Teal account, you will have 15 credits to use for AI generation.

Teal+ members have unlimited generations.

Before we get started, it's important to note: AI Generation is a tool to build a foundation.

Only you know the real details of your experiences.

You may notice the AI generates metrics (such as numbers) that aren't accurate - this is meant to be a starting point. The AI is doing its best to conceptualize your experiences alongside the Job Description. Make sure to read through and make changes to any details that don't feel right - let the AI generation be a guide to help you get to those details quicker.

Visual learner? Check out the overview of our AI for Achievements below!

As mentioned in the above video, before you use the generator, we do recommend being matched to a job in Matching Mode! This will allow us to leverage the Job Description to find responsibilities, requirements, and high-priority keywords!

Let's get started. First, head to your Resume Builder!

If you've already imported your resume or LinkedIn profile, you can open up the resume you'd like to edit.

If you've not yet imported your experiences into Teal, follow the steps outlined HERE to do so!

Next, scroll to your Work Experience

If you'd like to improve already-existing achievements -

Hover over the achievement you'd like to edit and select "Enhance with AI"

When you select "Enhance with AI" our generator will use your already-existing achievement and provide you options for new, enhanced achievements based on that text. You will see three options appear!

You will see your already-existing achievement highlighted in yellow so it stays top-of-mind as you're selecting a new choice.

If you're not satisfied with those choices, you can select "Try Again"

If you'd like to generate a new achievement -

Select "Add New Achievement" and "Generate with AI"

Now, you'll have the following options:

  1. Select a generated achievement and hit "save" - this will be auto-added to your resume!
  2. Interested in customizing the achievement further? Read about these options below!

Customize with AI

Customize with AI allows you to select from three modes for customization:

Keywords: select up to 3 keywords either from the job description you've matched to (if not matched, we'll surface keywords based on the job title of your work experience!) or you can write in your own, to include in your generated achievement

Job Description: select a responsibility or requirement from the Job Description to help inform your generated achievement

Custom Prompt: write in your own custom prompt to generate your achievement (click "load an example" to see an example prompt)

Keywords Mode

In Keywords Mode, you can take the following actions:

  1. Select up to three keywords that are surfaced from:
    1. The Job Description you've Matched to.
    2. Or, if you're not matched to a job, keywords will be surfaced based on what's relevant to the job title you're editing an achievement for
  2. Type in three keywords based on skills you're looking to emphasize

Job Description Mode

To best leverage Job Description mode, you'll want to first make sure you're Matched to a Job! If you're not, you'll be prompted to do so when you select this mode.

Once you've matched to a job, you'll notice that the responsibilities and requirements of that job will appear as options.

Once you've selected a responsibility or requirement of the job, hit apply - this will regenerate three achievement options based on what you've chosen!

Custom Prompt Mode

Custom Prompt Mode allows those of our members who are experienced in AI prompting to provide their own prompt for achievement generation!

If you'd like to see an example, select "Load An Example"

By inputting your custom prompt and hitting "apply," you'll see three generated achievements to choose from informed by that prompt.

For more advice and suggestions related to prompting the AI, check out our blog post HERE!

Once you've saved and applied an achievement to your resume, you can edit as usual whenever you need to - and, you can always choose to re-enhance with AI!

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