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Last Updated: April 5, 2024

Cover letters - a love-hate relationship. You want to have one but you don't know where to start. We're here to help!

In this article, we'll discuss how to leverage our Cover Letter Generator to build a cover letter specific to the job you're applying to.

First, Head to Your Resume Builder

From here, either open a resume you're already working on. Or, if this is your first experience in the Resume Builder, import an already existing resume or your LinkedIn Profile. Follow instructions for doing so HERE.

Navigate to the Cover Letter Generator

With an open resume, you'll notice a tool bar towards the top of the page. Included in this tool bar is "Cover Letter" -

When you've selected Cover Letter, you'll notice the generator appear on the right-hand side of the builder.

Match a Job

In order to leverage the Cover Letter Generator, your resume must be matched to a job. If you're not matched to a job, you'll see the below:

In the dropdown, you'll find any job you've added to your Job Tracker. Unsure of how to add jobs to your Job Tracker? You can do so manually or via Teal's Google Chrome Extension.

By matching your resume to a job, the Cover Letter Generator will pull details directly from the Job Description alongside your resume to make the cover letter relevant.

You can switch jobs at any time by selecting "Switch Job"

Important Note: If you've already generated a Cover Letter, be sure to export it or copy it to your desktop. It will not be stored once you've switched jobs.

Generate a Cover Letter

Now that you have matched your resume to a job, let's generate a cover letter!

As a free Teal member, you have 1 Cover Letter Generation credit to leverage!

As a Teal+ member, you have unlimited Cover Letter Generation credits to leverage.

For more information on Teal vs Teal+, check out our overview HERE!

To generate a cover letter, click the "Write with AI" button.

Customizing Your Cover Letter

You'll be brought to your Customization screen to decide on the length, tone, and special inclusions from the Job Description for the Cover Letter:

Length: Choose from three different length options short, medium, and long

Tone: Choose from casual, formal, or match the tone of the job description

Job Description: Select responsibilities or qualifications from the job description to inform the cover letter generation

Lastly, Custom Prompt: provide a few of your own qualifications for the Cover Letter generation.

Click "load an example" for help!

Click "Apply" and the cover letter will begin generating.

When generating, it may take a minute for your resume details and the job description to be digested.

Once complete, you'll have a full cover letter to read through, edit, and then copy into your application documents!

As with any AI product, we always recommend reading through the generated text, confirming everything written is accurate, and making any changes necessary.

The AI doesn't know you and your experiences outside of what it's contextualizing from your input details! So, be sure you take a moment to review and adjust as needed.

Exporting Your Cover Letter

Check out the steps to do so HERE!

Cover Letter Examples

Looking to learn more about cover letter development? Check out our blog post on impactful cover letters HERE with tips and tricks for making your cover letter count!

Where should I go from here?

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