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Last Updated: November 7, 2023

Whether you've written a dozen Professional Summaries or this is your very first, this article will help you:

  • Conceptualize what to include in your Professional Summary and including a summary can benefit your resume
  • How to leverage our AI Generator to build it!

First, head to your Resume Builder

Open up the resume you'd like to edit and find the header that reads "Professional Summaries"

Click "Add Professional Summary"

When you click "Add Professional Summary" you'll notice that the right-hand side of your screen navigates to Guidance

Our guidance exists for all sections of the resume! For the Professional Summary, you'll see suggestions as to what we'd recommend including.

These are the suggestions that the AI Generator is going to take into consideration upon generation.

After reviewing the guidance, you're ready for generating!

Select "Generate with AI"

The generator will take into account your resume and, if you're matched to a job via Matching Mode, details from the job description to create a professional summary that hits those key components listed in the guidance.

Upon generating, you'll see a Professional Summary appear that you can tweak, edit, adjust, and save to your resume!

It's always important to note:

  • AI is a helpful tool but not the entire solution - it requires you, the real person, to read and edit.
    • For example, the generation might include metrics but perhaps those metrics need you to inject your specific KPIs! (If you're feeling insecure about how to include metrics and KPIs into your resume, check out our blog post HERE)

Make sure you feel confident about the generation and make the appropriate changes, as needed. 😊

With our free Teal platform, you can generate up to two Professional Summaries with our AI generator! Our Teal+ subscription provides unlimited generations for Professional Summaries, Achievements, and Cover Letters.

Interested in upgrading? Head to your Subscription Manager HERE.

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